Ford’s New Activated Sync 3 Features

We understand that when you are in your car, you forget about the outside world whether you are going to work in the morning, dropping the kids off at school or going on a road trip. Whatever the case, we get that you need your space. Unfortunately, sometimes you just have to be connected to the outside world, and this is where Ford’s latest sync technology comes in.

You can still enjoy the relaxing benefits of a drive while being updated on what is happening at work or home. This technology came with a simplified voice technology and simplified voice commands that make it easy to tell your car what to do. Changing the radio channel or even asking your car to play a song is now much easier than with previous versions of the technology.

Along with this is a user interface that is simple and colorful and makes for a comfortable user experience. Your next vehicle is waiting for you at Jones West Ford in Reno.

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