The Significance of the Warning Lights on Your Dashboard

Many drivers, seeing a warning light appear on their dashboard, often won't take it as seriously as it deserves. Paying proper attention to those warnings lights is important.

Here's a few of things your car could be trying to tell you:

Check Engine Light: The check motor light means that your motor's computer detected a potential problem in the engine. The source behind it could be a number of things. The car may seem, by all accounts, to be running ordinarily. A check motor light doesn't mean you need to pull the auto to the side of the street instantly. However, it ought to be investigated as quickly as possible to avoid larger problems.

Brake Light. There's something wrong with your brakes. Being as essential as they are, you should obviously get your brakes checked quickly.

Fluid Light. There's something wrong with your car's fluids.

The best course of action when you suspect there's something wrong with your car is to pursue assistance from a service center like the one you'll find at Jones West Ford in Lake Reno, NV. We'll be happy to help you determine and resolve the root behind the issue you're experiencing.

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