Your Check Engine Light Is Warning Signal

The check engine light is a warning signal. It only comes on when something is wrong. What does it mean? It could mean your gas cap is loose--that's the easiest remedy for a check engine light. But it could also alert you to a much bigger issue. It doesn't mean you need to drive straight to a mechanic. It's a warning you need to get to a professional when you can.

Your spark plugs could be going bad, or your oxygen sensor might need to be replaced. The mass airflow sensor could have issues. The catalytic converter might also be failing. Or it could also be a more routine issue, like a low oil level. These are just some of the issues associated with the check engine light.

The team at our service center can diagnose the issue quickly and get you back on the road in no time. You can schedule an appointment at our Ford dealership in Reno, NV today if your check engine light has recently come on. Our professional technicians boast years of experience dealing with similar situations.

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