Why Do You Need to Clean Your Fuel Tank?

The look and smell of fuel is deceptive. Fuels appear to be clean when they enter your fuel tank. Fuels are dirty, full of contaminants, and chemically prone to changing molecular makeup. Though fuel that has adopted a few changes still ignites, some molecules bind with debris causing a hard buildup that settles to the bottom of your fuel tank. The resulting buildup of contaminants climbs higher in your tank and eventually is sucked you’re your fuel line.

Any vehicle that is more than five-years-old may have enough buildup in the tank to inhibit fuel flow. The contaminates clog fuel filters in the fuel line causing the replacement of fuel filters more often. The key is to clean the fuel tank before the buildup of contaminants inhibits fuel flow.

When you get your service at Jones West Ford in Reno, NV ask us to clean your fuel tank for contaminants. Schedule your appointment today.

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