Don’t Ignore Fuel Pump Malfunction Warning Signs

Since your fuel pump is only designed to accomplish one role for your car, it is rare that it will become inoperable. The job of a fuel pump is simply to supply an ample amount of fuel to the engine, which isn’t a heavy-duty role. However, there are moments when a fuel pump will go bad for an unknown reason.

Typically, when a fuel pump malfunctions, there is some type of a warning sign. A fuel pump rarely just stops working. A fuel pump that is going bad will show signs such as an engine hesitating at high speeds or hesitating to start at all. An engine that is hesitating at high speed will “sputter.” Both of these indicators may not happen every time.

If this occurs more than once, be sure to take action as soon as possible. Contact Jones West Ford service center in Reno and make an appointment.

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