Performance Features of the Ford Edge

The Ford Edge is a popular mid-size SUV with a number of eco-friendly features. From its lightweight engine chassis to its patented EcoBoost fuel system, this SUV offers drivers both efficiency and performance.

The fuel entering a Ford Edge engine is carefully controlled through an innovative injection system. The exact amount of fuel necessary to achieve desired performance is measured via its onboard computer, avoiding excess waste. This system ensures the Edge outperforms other SUVs in its class at the pump. Cutting edge materials like graphite are used in the engine, removing excess weight that can also waste fuel. The result is a peppy gas powered engine that delivers impressive fuel efficiency for a mid-size SUV.

If you'd like a chance to test drive the Ford Edge, head on over to Jones West Ford in Reno, NV. Our Ford specialists are on hand to answer any questions you may have and can arrange for you to take an Edge out on the road.

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