When to Change Belts and Hoses

Every car has a system of belts that allow the various parts under the hood to work. The serpentine belt powers various accessories in the car. The timing belt keeps the engine running in a synchronous manner. There are also important hoses in your car such as cooling hoses and power steering hoses.

Belts and hoses in your car need to be replaced from time to time. Each time that you have your car in for regularly scheduled maintenance, you should have all the belts and hoses inspected for wear and tear. Serpentine and timing belts should be changed at intervals between 60 and 100,000 miles depending on the manufacturer's recommendation. Many mechanics recommend changing the cooling hoses every four years.

When it's time to change the belts and hoses on your vehicle, contact the service center here at Jones West Ford located in Reno. The service department can check belts and hoses, and they can put in replacements as needed.

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