The 2018 Ford Edge: Not Your Father's SUV

In the market for a new car? Look no further than the 2018 Ford Edge! With many new features for the 2018 model year, this SUV is great for all types of drivers. Here are some features that come with the new Ford Edge:

  • Lane-Keeping System - This feature keeps drivers alert and causes the steering wheel to vibrate when it senses that the vehicle has unintentionally moved into another lane. This feature also helps direct the driver back into the proper lane they have departed.
  • Enhanced Active Park Assist - This feature utilizes sensors and measures the distance your vehicle is from other vehicles and can aid the driver to park safely even when parallel parking.
  • Rain-Sensing Wipers - Driving in adverse conditions is dangerous enough, but with this feature your windshield wipers can sense when rain or snow is on your windshield and will turn on and even utilize the proper sensitivity level. This allows the driver to concentrate on the road instead of having to focus on turning on and selecting the wiper setting.

At Jones West Ford, we want to make sure all drivers are safe on the roadway. With several features helping make driving safer, the all-new Ford Edge is a great vehicle. Come down to our Ford showroom in Reno, NV and test drive one today.

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