The Ford Mustang GT has been getting a lot of praise for its new options. There are three new engines to choose from, including the roaring V8 engine. There are four different settings for the exhaust with the Active Valve Performance Exhaust system, which includes quiet start, normal, sport, and track modes. The quiet start mode gives your engine a whisper soft exhaust for mornings when you want to quickly and quietly start your Mustang GT. Your neighbors will thank you. The sound levels change with just a press of a button, and you can schedule your engine to use quiet mode every morning if you wish.

However, for those who want to feel the full roar of their engines, you can choose track mode. This sets your sound levels much higher and gives you the full power of your exhaust. The perfect time to use this setting is when you want to show off the sound of a V8 engine, hearing it rumble loudly across the road.

You can check out the latest Ford Mustang GT design at Jones West Ford located in Reno, NV. It’s easy to schedule a test drive online.

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