Feel the Power and Performance of the Ford Taurus

The comfortable and spacious sedan exudes style and excellence. These are some of the factors that make the Ford Taurus popular with vehicle owners. However, the sedans also capably perform thanks to a few new features. See what makes the Taurus a preferred vehicle. Stop by our Reno, NV Jones West Ford location and have a look. Enjoy a fulfilling test drive.

The body design features a gentle, sloping aerodynamic profile, which aids in fuel economy. The Ford Taurus is rated at 18/26 mpg for city and highway driving respectively. But, the six-cylinder engine provides up to 288 horsepower.

Perhaps choose the turbo-boosted engine if desiring more power and get 365 horsepower. The sensors that are part of the AWD system monitor each wheel continually to ensure the appropriate level of traction for optimal handling regardless of road and weather conditions. The finely tuned suspension ensure a smooth ride.

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