The new Ford Super Duty is a solid truck that's built to help you out on any job. We here at Jones West Ford are eager to show you what makes this truck to so great. The durability that the Super Duty offers starts at its strong frame.

About 95 percent of the frame is made of high-strength steel. Not only that, but it has a fully boxed design. Thick beams support the body of the truck at every point. It also has ten cross pieces. These pieces help to improve the overall structural integrity of the truck. It's this innovative design that makes the maximum payload possible.

On top of the frame sits a body made of aluminum alloy. This material is much lighter than the steel. However, it offers impressive strength as well. The alloy is dent resistant. It's also not susceptible to red rust. These materials make the truck a very durable option for any driver in Reno, NV.

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