The Ford Mustang Handles Like a Dream

If you want a powerful car that offers you the best in performance handling, take a look at the Ford Mustang at Jones West Ford in Reno, NV. The Mustang has earned the reputation of a reliable vehicle. It provides quick acceleration, and the available engines are powerful. You get a smooth ride and great traction with the Ford Mustang.

The Ford Mustang is equipped with the MagneRide Damping System. This system is designed to make even the bumpiest roads feel smooth. The system can adjust the dampers up to 1,000 times per second in order to give you balance.

In order to have good handling, you need a vehicle that provides excellent traction. The Ford Mustang provides you with a selectable driving mode system. You may select normal, snow, track, drag strip or sport modes. When you select the mode, the car will set up to deliver great traction for the selected condition.

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