Ford Flex Convenience Features

The Ford Flex is the perfect combination of a sedan and an SUV. If you are in need of a convenient Sport’s Utility vehicle, then the Flex is perfect for you. In addition to being convenient, the Flex is also a very safe vehicle. Moreover, the Flex is great for entertaining as well.

Convenience is the Flex’s middle name! The Flex can tow more than 4,000 pounds of cargo. If towing is one of your main uses for the Flex, then you can purchase the Flex’s towing package which allows you to equip the vehicle with smart towing capabilities.

Storing and transporting cargo is also convenient with the Ford Flex. The second row in the Flex can be folded easily in order to accommodate additional items within the vehicle. The Flex comes standard with cloth seating; however, leather is also an option when the vehicle trim is upgraded to a higher trim.

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