The Ford Explorer is one of America's favorite 3-row SUVs. This vehicle is a classic that many people remember from their childhoods. What many people don't realize, though is that the Explorer has great performance. Features like sidewind stabilization allow the Explorer to hold its own in even the most challenging weather conditions. Other performance-enhancing systems like reverse brake assist are available as add-on options.

The Explorer offers great engine options, including a 2.3L turbocharged 4 cylinder option. This delivers 300 horsepower. Other configurations deliver up to 400. The automatic transmission is a 10-speed, which is actually smoother and more efficient than a traditional 6-speed. Rear-wheel drive adds power, for great performance on all of Reno, NV's roads. That's particularly important when it comes to towing capacity. The Explorer can haul over 5,000 lbs depending on the configuration. And the sway control feature makes it easier than ever to control those big loads.

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