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Ford F-150 Pickup Truck: Tough Enough for Any Terrain

What makes the Ford F-150 one of the toughest pickup trucks on the North American auto market? Let's take a closer look at the vehicle's robust chassis and powertrain. Available with full-size cabins, this premium model is built to withstand harsh conditions.

The aluminum alloy frame of the F-150 has a high-strength design that's inspired by military-style engineering. 

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A Glimpse at the 2018 Ford C-MAX Technology Features

If you are interested in purchasing a new hybrid vehicle, there are many choices, but the 2018 Ford C-MAX is among the best options on the market. The C-MAX comes loaded with innovative features and superior styling. Let's take a closer look at the technology features that come with the 2018 Ford C-MAX.

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Performance Features of the Ford Edge

The Ford Edge is a popular mid-size SUV with a number of eco-friendly features. From its lightweight engine chassis to its patented EcoBoost fuel system, this SUV offers drivers both efficiency and performance.

The fuel entering a Ford Edge engine is carefully controlled through an innovative injection system. The exact amount of fuel necessary to achieve desired performance is measured via its onboard computer, avoiding excess waste.

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The Road Ahead in Your Focus ST

When selecting a new performance vehicle, there are hundreds of options to choose from. Our team here at Jones West Ford is here to help make that decision easier with our training and expertise on what makes a good selection.

With the Focus ST, you can customize this popular compact performance hatchback to suit your particular tastes. 

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The Assurance of Quality with Ford Certified Pre-Owned

Do you want the attractive price of a pre-owned car without the risk that it may have a checkered past? Stop by Jones West Ford in Reno, NV and take a look at the vehicles we offer through the Ford Certified Pre-Owned program. This popular program was designed to help drivers find quality, pre-owned cars that they can buy with confidence.

Ford Certified means that we give every vehicle we sell through this program a 172-point inspection. 

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Technology on the Ford Taurus that Will Make Your Life Easier

Do you want to stay up to date on all of the latest technology? If you do, then you're not alone. Technology makes our lives easier, safer, and more fun. And if you're looking to integrate more technology into the vehicle that you're driving, then you should consider the full-size sedan, the Ford Taurus. This popular vehicle is equipped with some of the best technology on the market.

So you're tired of searching through your purse for your keys when it's dark out? 

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Why This Crossover SUV Just Keeps Getting Better

Every season of the year offers new challenges to vehicles. Heat, rain, snow, sleet, ice, and other road conditions help define the capabilities of our vehicles. One popular crossover is here to help you overcome them – the Ford Escape.

Much of the Escape’s road capabilities come from its automated systems. The Intelligent 4WD System reads road conditions every 16 milliseconds and transfers torque and handling to the wheels that need it, giving you a more precise feel for sketchy roads. 

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What is the 2018 Super Duty made Of?

What do you need from your pickup truck to get the job done? The 2018 Ford Super Duty has taken its popularity as a heavy-duty pickup to the next level with a complete redesign from the frame up.

Carrying a heavy payload can put strain on some pickup truck’s frame, axles, and suspension system. 

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Fall in Love with the Ford Fiesta ST

Ford Fiesta ST owners have a special relationship with their cars. That's because this popular hatchback provides them with exceptional performance on the roads of Reno. Equipped with a 1.6L Ti-VCT EcoBoost® engine, the Fiesta ST will provide you with plenty of power on the road as it packs 197 horsepower and 202 lb.-ft. of torque. You'll also get Ford's AdvanceTrac, which automatically applies brakes and modulates torque when it detects wheelslip.

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